FULL HD 1080p wireless 140 degrees IR camera

The camera was sent with old firmware and had many problems:

1. 4-5 minutes boot time;
2. Infrared lamp doesn’t work at all;
3. Security/passwords problems (reset);
4. Time always reset to 1970;
5. Cannot connect to asus rtn16 router;
6. Sound with noise and crackles and gaps because of using denoise filter;
7. Pressing AP mode settings leads to camera reboot; cannot set up adhoc mode!
8. wifi channel unencrypted and without password.

After firmware update some of these problems gone. The following problems still remain:

1. No charge level;
2. No charging indicator;
3. No complete charge indicator;
4. Battery 2500 mAh, not 4000 mAh as was promised in the description.
5. Video format asf is only played with VLC player. Most players don’t understand it.
6. Can format your TF card when you insert it without any warning. Don’t use cards with important data!
7. Lens focus 1+ meters, glued and cannot be refocused to closer distance.
8. Infrared light can only be turned on from Android app. There is no infrared switch in PC software or camera settings.
9. Infrared distance is only 1 meter and light up only the center of the picture.
10. The camera box is rather big. The stuff inside takes about half of that volume and the other half is empty.
11. The picture had color lines all over the image during first several days. They are gone now but I don’t know why. Maybe they disappeared when I opened the box and touched the ribbon wire, maybe because of firmware updates, maybe there was some kind of interference in the neighborhood. I don’t know.

Maybe the camera is a little overpriced and needs further development, but I think it can be used for some purposes even with current version of the firmware. For example, you can use it with RC cars or stick it to a cat and see what it does when you don’t see him or whatever…

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